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ULP - Ultrafast Laser Physics (Mission Statement)

To explore and push the frontiers in ultrafast science and technology, using interdisciplinary understanding of the physics of lasers, semiconductors, and measurement technologies. Take this competitive know-how to understand and control fundamental charge and energy transport with atomic spatial and attosecond temporal resolution.

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SPIE Newsroom

Dual-comb modelocked lasers generated from a single source Read more 


Schweizerischer Tag für Physik und Unterricht

Der 16. Schweizerischer Tag für Physik und Unterricht and der ETH Zürich mit Vorträgen von Prof. Keller und Prof. Feurer. Read more 


MUST Highlight: Ptychographic Reconstruction of Attosecond Pulses

A collaboration with Prof. Feurer's group from University of Bern led to the application of a novel scheme for the reconstruction of attosecond pulses. This result was selected as a NCCR MUST highlight and the algorithm is now available for download. Read more 

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